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Commercial Vastu

One should be very considerate and concerned for the place where we work. It not only provides us with continuous flow of money, but also brings stability and security in our life. The workplace should be managed and treated equally important as our house. Sometimes, one can suffer losses and downfalls in work or business. This may take one into the dark phase of gloom and depression. What one should know is that with the help of Vaastu, this drought can be lifted and prosperity can once again knock their door! Vaastu corrects the faults in the workplace and allows positive energies to enter in the work arena. A simple disarrangement of a certain object can, sometimes, give rise to bigger and drastic losses. Following a few Vaastu tips, one can regain the lost confidence as well as the lost wealth.


  • Offices positioned in the east direction flourish well.
  • Always have regular shaped furniture in offices as they ensure regular inflow of money and positivity.
  • Place any water resource available in north-east direction for bringing stability in work.
  • The owner must always have their face in northern direction while dealing with someone as North direction is the way through which positive energies enter into our life.
  • In case the office has any kitchen area, it should be in south-east direction as the God of fire resides there.
  • Using vibrant colours in the office area spreads positivity and prosperity.
  • Avoid hanging any war or violent pictures as they depict negative energies.
  • Have a small temple in the north-east corner ensures safety and prosperity.
  • For generators, the south-east direction is advisable as God of fire resides there and ensures safety.
  • The staircases must never be spiral as it might result in health and wealth problems.
  • Avoid any pigeon nests and spider webs as they spread sadness and gloom.
  • Avoid having any electric pole or any other obstruction on the main entrance as it results in huge losses.
  • Do not have any broken mirrors or stopped clocks as they are the root cause for any negativity in your life.


  • The owner must sit in the south or west direction with the face towards the north or east direction as North direction ensures inflow of income.
  • Avoid keeping any furniture with sharp or cut edges as they invite negativity.
  • Always place the idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakhshmi in the north-east corner as they bring in the workplace safety and prosperity.
  • The cash counter should open in the northern direction as it is the quadrant of the Lord of wealth.
  • The cash box must always have money and should never be empty.
  • The doors should always open inside for retaining the positive energies within your working area.
  • Grease all the doors that produce noise as doors that produce noise are inauspicious and cause monetary losses.
  • Avoid assembling any clutter in the north-east corner as it is considered a sacred place.
  • If possible, place a fountain or a small water resource in the north-east for they bring stability in workplace.
  • Keep all the heavy things in the south-west corner as keeping them in any other direction can block your finances.
  • Grow decorative small plants in north and east directions as they help in flourishing of business.
  • Displaying ‘Swastik’ symbol and writing words like ‘Shubh laabh’ and ‘Ridhhi-Siddhi’ on the walls is considered auspicious.
  • Avoid having any slopes on the entrance as they cause irregular profits.
  • Any stagnant water or drains in the front area can cause loss of wealth.
  • Always light a lamp after opening the shop in the morning as that is the time when prayers must be offered for giving your business a good and positive start. The lightning of the lamp burns away the negative energies.